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Please call for details on how to get this process started. Medicare doesn’t currently cover assisted living services.

Absolutely! Residents in our communities are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

As long as your physician states you are able to take your own medications, we allow you to keep your medications in your apartment in a locked box.

Residents who need skilled care, such as nurses and doctors around the clock, would need nursing home placement. Residents in assisted livings generally need assistance with normal activities such as personal care, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. They may have chronic illnesses in assisted living, but they are considered stable.

Anyone who needs help with any type of daily assistance, such as showering, meal preparation, medication administration, dressing, toileting, memory deficits, etc. Residents also choose assisted living for the activities and daily socialization they maybe were lacking at home.

Yes, visitors can stay overnight! All our apartments are private with their own bathrooms. Therefore you have privacy and the right to have visitors and guests at anytime, as well as overnights.

We do allow pets! You must be able to care for your pets on your own, and no violent breeds will be allowed. Pets must be up to date on their shots and must maintain records while living in our home.

Do you have more questions? Message our Lowell facility - We can help you!

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    Do you have more questions? Message our Manistee facility - We can help you!

      Our management will be in touch!