A maxim is a concise expression of a fundamental moral rule or principle, whether considered as objective or subjective contingent on one’s philosophy.

A maxim helps to motivate specific actions.

Our maxims embody who we are as a collective family and keep us grounded and connected to our core.

Be Present


Employment at Maple Ridge Manor is more than a job; it's a calling.  We approach everything we do with a unified purpose: to improve the lives of those we interact with.  We show up each day energized and ready to make a difference.

Be Family


We value the connection we have with our residents and their families, the community, and each other.  We pursue the interests of our residents with enthusiastic curiosity.  We are deeply interested in and value what is unique and different about each other. 

Be Awesome 


We fully embrace the Maple Ridge Manor experience.  We treat people like nobody else so that they may live like nobody else.  We aren't satisfied with being ordinary, and we never stop looking for new ways to be awesome.