It is not uncommon for seniors in our aging West Michigan population to develop issues with memory. These can range from simple difficulties in retrieving short- or long-term memories and mild cognitive impairment, to degenerative disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia associated with Parkinson’ disease. Maple Ridge Manor provides comprehensive memory care to our Manistee and Lowell residents. We develop individualized care plans and activities with the physician, the resident’s family, the resident (if able), and the Health & Wellness Director. Our care goes above and beyond because we provide a safe & structured environment with nurses and in-house staff specially trained in memory care and our staffing ratios surpass the State of Michigan requirements.
safe and structured environment

Safe & Structured Environment

Our West Michigan assisted living facilities provide our residents with an open, safe, and structured environment that allows for movement freely throughout the facility while individuals enjoy specifically designed daily living plans with activities tailored to stimulate their cognitive and physical well-being. Residents participate in a variety of activities that include games, walking, exercise, music therapy, and more, all under the care of a caring and watchful staff.

Higher Staffing Ratio

With a 1:7 staffing ratio, our staff to patient ratio exceeds that required by the State of Michigan for assisted living facilities. The members of our resident care team receive ongoing training by qualified nurses, as well as inservices dealing with specific age-related issues such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Psychological Care, Infection Control, and Medication Monitoring and Administration.
higher staffing ratio
individualized activities

Individualized Activities

Each of our residents enjoys a daily regimen of individually tailored activities to stimulate their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. These can include games, puzzles, coloring, arts and crafts, baking, and more. Residents are monitored to ensure that they are engaging successfully and enjoying the activities as opposed to becoming frustrated and discourage.

Above and Beyond

Both our Manistee and Lowell assisted living facilities have higher staff to patient ratios than the State of Michigan requires, and we allow personal alarms for those family and physicians requesting them for particular safety concerns with resident family members. We include our West Michigan assisted living residents in all music and family oriented activities. Local schools bring carolers in to sing during the holidays, and families can visit anytime.
above and beyond

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