Maple Ridge Manor offers West Michigan seniors an unparalleled experience in assisted living. We ensure that our Manistee and Lowell residents feel loved and cared for and that our staff engage with each senior as an individual with a unique life experience, intrinsic value, and able to live a vital, rewarding, and fulfilling life no matter what their age or life circumstances. We provide an opportunity for local families to keep their loved ones, who can no longer live on their own, close to home and in the community they already know and love. Maple Ridge Manor will serve as an extension of the community and a place our West Michigan residents will be proud to call home.
Daily Living Assistance

Daily Living Assistance

Maple Ridge Manor provides our Manistee and Lowell residents with daily living assistance that includes such things as medication administration, showering, bathroom assistance or incontinence care. Personal care can include dressing or changing clothing, denture care, brushing hair, and similar grooming needs.

All Meals & Entertainment

Our West Michigan assisted living residents have the confidence of knowing that all of their meals are provided for from our fully-staffed kitchen. Snacks and water delivery are also included. We also accommodate specialized diets for CHF, Diabetes, and Gluten Free. In addition, we can provide mechanical soft, pureed, thickened liquids, etc. as each resident requires.
meals entertainment

Medication Administration

Our highly experienced assisted living caregivers receive ongoing training from qualified nurses in many areas related to the medical needs specific to an aging population like those found in an assisted living facility such as Maple Ridge Manor. These inservices that include conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, infection control, psychological care, and medications. As such, we are able to monitor and administer the medication requirements of our residents.

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