As the premier West Michigan Assisted Living facility, Maple Ridge Manor offers a variety of career choices in the assisted living profession.

Provides direct personal care and supervision to the residents at the community.

Promotes resident well being and satisfaction through support with activities of daily living. Communicates with other departments to ensure resident needs are met.

The Resident Care Services department at this assisted living community staffs through a primary care structure. Each Caregiver will be charged with all of the personal care duties of their resident assignment. Whenever possible, each Caregiver will be assigned to the same resident group each day to promote continuity of care.

This is a full-time (?), salaried/hourly (?) position. Weekends and holidays are required.

Responsibilities of the Caregiver:

  1. Assist with activities of daily living, including passing medication as assigned, following community protocol, licensing regulation and guidelines for both resident and employee safety.
  2. Follow safety guidelines in the community, including proper lifting technique and universal precautions when providing care to the residents.
  3. Follow the schedule of duties for the Caregiver, as well as the individual plan of care for each resident.
  4. Function as a team, assisting coworkers as the need arises.
  5. Monitor resident activity, food intake, functional status, psychosocial status, taking action as required to promote resident well being.
  6. Report status change immediately to the supervisor.
  7. Act immediately on any resident crisis, following protocol and basic first aid training.
  8. Document resident status change, including but not limited to, physical change, reaction to medication, psychosocial status change.
  9. In the event all assigned duties cannot be completed, ask for assistance and report to the personal care coordinator.
  10. Any other assignments made by your direct supervisor or administrator.
  11. Promote open communication between health care professionals, families, residents and staff.
  12. Adhere to guidelines in the employee handbook including dress code, conduct, scheduling, etc.
  13. Other duties as assigned.

Educational and professional requirements:

No experience or certifications required. We are willing to train the right individuals. Must be compassionate and have a passion for caring for the geriatric population. 

Responsibilities of Dietary Aide:

  1. Kitchen clean up.
  2. Assist with serving meals.
  3. Clearing and setting tables.
  4. Assist with taking meal orders.
  5. Dishes – prewashing, loading, and unloading dishwasher.
  6. Cleaning dining room and kitchen floors.
  7. Assist with meal preparation.
  8. Assist with stocking and organizing coolers and shelves.
  9. Emptying trash.
  10. Cleaning/Sanitizing cart and appliances as needed.
  11. Keeping drink dispensers clean and full.
  12. Other duties as assigned.

Educational and professional requirements:

No certification required. We are willing to train the right individuals

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